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My friend and I started a blog together, but it turns out our styles were very different. In order to preserve his posts until he starts his own blog (which, people, you should encourage him to do!), I’ve created this page. Enjoy!

February 21, 2011

Taking a leave of absence.

I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from P.O.R.N. I leave in you Emily’s hands, and hope that you will all have a great time following the blog from here on out.


February 20, 2011

Random Post #2

February 19, 2011

Singing and Dancing in the car

I do some work with some people I know that set up a pretty cool multimedia production company called F4k3 : D0g productions. It’s mainly a youtube and private venue based organization.

Basically you can make a deal with them, and they’ll host videos for you on their youtube site, and other venues, and you get to say your a part of the F4k3 : D0g team. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far because I am far to lazy to actually create a youtube account.

Anyway here’s a video I made.

Backround: I have a friend. He’s a pretty interesting guy. Here’s a video of him singing and dancing while driving a car.

February 17, 2011

I’m just unprepared

Hello again everybody!

Bad news, Emily is still sick and is unsure when she’ll be feeling better. She said she hopes to be able to make another post tomorrow, but isn’t sure.

Until then it seems like it’s up to me to provide you with entertainment…


I’ve started thinking of good things to write about, but I was waiting until next week or so to really start posting those (I want them to be good).

So I’m just going to throw up another poll, and a picture of a dog.

Well there you go. Things should improve soon.

February 16, 2011

Emily is Sick 😦 Poor Emily

Well Emily hasn’t been feeling overly well for a little while now, and today she has just been feeling down right awful.
So at the last minute she decided she wasn’t feeling up to writing a post for P.O.R.N. today and asked me to.

Well as you could probably tell from my last post (“Um…Post”) I don’t have a whole lot of material at the moment, and was not really ready for a new post so soon.

So I just threw together another poll to try to get to know you all better!

Have fun!

February 15, 2011

um… post?

As I begin to write this I am hoping desperately that some amazing idea will come to me, and this will become a fascinating post.

To that end I am just going to share some of the random things that go through my mind. For instance I just heard a noise outside, and had to remember if I had let my dog back inside after letting her out to go to the bathroom.  Then I remembered that my dog (all 75ish pounds of her) is currently sitting om my lap because my lap is apparently more comfortable than the couch, or the bed, or anywhere else she could be.

I haven’t told you about my dog yet, and I don’t think I will tonight.  Her introduction deserves a full post, because she is an amazing dog, and her antics will hopefully provide good blog material.  I’ll probably write a post just about her soon, but not today.

Hmmm….that still leaves me without a definitive topic about which to write this post. I suppose I could tell you about myself, but I enjoy the sense of anonymity I currently have.  All you really know about me is that I’m a friend of Emily’s, and I’m a fairly strange person.  Oh, and that I have a dog.

That seems like a lot of personal information for you random internet people to have about me.

Ummmm…..I could tell you more about Emily, and that could be fun.  But then Emily would be forced to make up more blog posts that aren’t about her because I had already told you about her, and then she would be mad because she would actually have to work.

Huh… I realize I need to start planning these posts out ahead of time, and I will start doing that after this post (promise).

OH!  I can tell you that you may now follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

So check us out at both of those places.  You can also “like” various posts for Facebook and “Share” various posts on multiple social networking sights.

Hurray!!! So I guess that was actually kinda big news.  I’m glad I remembered to tell it to you or Emily would have given me an angry face.  Emily’s angry face is scary.

Sorry!  I hope to have a better post ready for next time.  Meanwhile thank you all so much for taking the time to come look at our blog.  We still hope that it really takes off and we become rich and famous (or just rich).  While we do have fun doing this, and will continue to write the blog even if it doesn’t make us rich we would still prefer to be rolling in money (not literally, although it might be fun).

On that note who wants a P.O.R.N. shirt?  Plush llamaraptor? Let me know.

February 14, 2011

So it’s Valentine’s day. What does this mean for you?

What does it being Valentine’s day mean for you?

Simple Answer:

If you’re in a relationship: you get to participate in an overly commercialized holiday (but then what holiday isn’t anymore).

You sold out Phil

My advice to all the ladies on Valentine’s day.  Before your big date today tell your significant other (SO for the rest of this post if it comes up again) that you will not be having sex today PERIOD.  Then see if he still goes all out for the date. If he doesn’t break up with the smarmy jerk.

My advice to the guys.  Don’t act like a horny moron (this applies for most other times too).

If you aren’t in a relationship: Congratulations, your day will be as sad and lonely as every other day is.  The fun part is you get to see everyone else (EVERYONE) celebrating, and making merry on a day where they can act even more revolting than usual.

My advice to the ladies:  If it bothers you so much just get out there and find a date, seriously.  At the very least try not to get caught hiding in your closet stuffing cookies in your face and listening to “My Chemical Romance”.

My advice to the guys:  Ditto

February 12, 2011

Random Poll #1

February 11, 2011

So what is a llamaraptor?

A lot of people are wondering what exactly llamaraptors are, so I am here to explain to you all exactly what a llamaraptor is.

Llamaraptors were originally created  by United States scientists working for the government.  The US government wanted a way to infiltrate South America in order to keep anti-American groups influence as low as possible.  Given that llama farming is a major source of income for several South American countries it was decided that introducing genetically engineered carnivorous llamas to the region was in America’s best interests.

DNA from llamas and velociraptors was combined to create the ultimate in  fuzzy killing machines (other than hamsters).

As all strange and abnormal scientific experiments do the first llamaraptors escaped into the wild…

Since then the llamaraptors spread amongst the llama farms of America, and into Mexico, and most of Central and South America.

They are able to cunningly disguise them selves by blending into the llama herds.  They feed mainly on wild game, and other livestock (other than animals).  They oddly have developed a kinship with animals that have formed close relationships with humans (dogs and domesticated cats especially), but they dislike humans and will often pick off humans they view as weak.

I know there isn’t a lot of information here, but much information concerning them is still classified.  As we gain access to more information we will update our information concerning these magnificent creatures.

Thank you all, and watch out llamaraptors will stalk and eat you if the perceive weakness.

February 8, 2011

Why all the tags…

So you may have noticed we have added a lot of tags to our posts.  This was done for a very specific reason.  You see we intend to become rich and famous (or just rich) in as easy a way as possible.  Thus blogging: it’s fun, and not too hard (YAY!!!).

So we are putting tags that include some commonly searched for words (thanks google!).

After we have a large base of devoted followers (hopefully like you) we will reduce the number of tags per post, and make them more specific for each individual post.



February 7, 2011

How this is going to work.

Alright.  Hello everyone to the second entry of your new favorite blog, PORN.  This is NOT Emily (the person from the first post).  Emily is a fairly busy person, and more importantly has an attention span similar to that of a humming bird on a sugar high.  Thankfully, Emily knows me, and was able to convince me that helping her write a blog would provide me with some mild amusement.

However, while I actually have an attention span, I am also a rather busy person.  The good news is that I know a lot of very interesting people who really have nothing better to do than to provide you with details of their lives for no reason other than your amusement.

So while this is of course Emily’s blog, and Emily asked me to help her out with it, I am delegating that task to a variety of other folks.  Stick with us though.  I know a lot of strange people who do strange things, so you should be in a constant state of entertainment (and possibly confusion and/or horror).

So you should all be grateful that you will have something new and exciting to read pretty much every day.  Tell your family, tell your friends, your enemies, that hobo on the bus to all get online and check us out.  Because if you don’t the llamaraptors will get you, and they are vicious little buggers.

Just to recap one more time (because I like repetition repetition) P.O.R.N. is Emily’s blog, Emily asked Me to help her write it because she’s like that, and I have various guests agreeing to write posts for the blog because they don’t have anything better to do and I intimidate them.


Thank you, you’ve been great

Go away now…

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  1. lifewith4cats permalink
    March 5, 2011 1:59 am

    This is so awesome! non sensical quizes and repitition.
    This is so awesome! non sensical quizes and repitition.

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