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The P.O.R.N. Star Award!

This awesome-tastic award is given to my favoritist of favorite blogs! Be warned though, it comes with a heavy responsibility. If you’re still dying for the award, tough cookies, because if you ask for it there’s like a million percent chance I will then definitely not give you one… although I’m not above bribes 😉
This is what it looks like!

I know *sniffle* – it’s just so magical!
So your best bet for getting one of these beauties is to hang around here and get to know me, because then I’ll be all, ‘Omg, this blogger is so sweet, I need to go visit their blog more often!’ And then, because I live in extremes, I’ll obsess over your blog and feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t get you an award asap.

Current P.O.R.N. Stars:

Erin from Momfog

Sara from Midaeval Maiden

Robyn from Love versus Goliath


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